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Break it! Read it! Sort it! Series

Updated: Mar 12

Looking for a quick, scaffolded way to practice and formally assess syllable division skills while decoding multisyllabic words?

Then Break it! Read it! Sort it! is what you've been looking for!

105 Scaffolded, Easy-to-Use Activities!


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Amp up your Science of Reading lessons!

Each set focuses on a single Syllable Pattern with all six Syllable Types!

This activity series provides a user-friendly set of activities to build application and generalization of syllable division skills. Students break the word using syllable division strategies, read the word to practice decoding and word-solving while playing with the different vowel sounds, and sort it by syllable type.

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Set 1: VC/CV

Set 2: V/CV

Set 3: VC/V

Set 4: V/V

4-Set Bundle: All Patterns

Each set comes with a Scope and Sequence with five activities for each syllable type.

Teachers and service providers are able to quickly use these leveled activity sets to supplement direct instruction and independent work to build student ability to apply the skills.


Three Levels with decreased visual and skill support including:

Skill Support:

  • Words are divided with color-coded slash.

  • Blanks in the correct syllable type column for each word. Supports students in placing their words and provides visual cues for size of letters and words.

Visual Support:

  • Color-coded Syllable Types.

  • Only syllable types that have been introduced are color-coded.

  • Shaded cells provide additional support for students to determine the correct column and syllable type. Decreases the number of syllable type options to increase success early in the instruction.

All levels provide clear directions, color coded lists of syllable patterns and types, clear labels for each level, and a consistent extension activity.

Features of LEVEL ONE include pre-divided words, color coded syllable types, blanks to cue students, and shaded cells to decrease options.

At LEVEL TWO, the blanks are removed while all other supports remain.

At LEVEL THREE, all supports are removed. This is great for formative assessment and can inform next steps for your Science of Reading lessons.

There are many ways to use Break it! Read it! Sort it! including independent work, differentiation, and incorporating the PDFs into the many tech options rather than printing.





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