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BTBW Weekly Fluency Practice Sets!

Updated: Mar 5

The BTBW Weekly Fluency Practice sets provide the next step in the Breaking the Big Words: Syllable Division Activity Series.

Oral reading fluency activities organized by:

Syllable Pattern,

Syllable Type,

Number of Syllables, &

Phonics Skills (CVC, blends, digraph).


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Set 1: VC/CV

Set 2: V/CV

Set 3: VC/V

Set 4: V/V

4-Set Bundle: All Patterns


Focus on a Single Syllable Pattern & Type at One Time!

Each volume (set) of fluency sheets focuses on a single Syllable Pattern.

Within each set, one activity focuses on one syllable type while including types from the previous sets. Use the fluency activities along with Breaking the Big Words or with your current phonics program to build generalization and application of the syllabication skills.


Features of Each Activity Page

Color the Syllable Types: Students color the words that match each syllable type.


Break While You Read: Students slash the words as they read each list.

Students apply syllable division strategies with:

  • Two syllable words,Three syllable words, Phrases, & Sentences.


Scaffolding: Students read and apply skills with each type of word before moving on.


Follows BTBW series lessons and gradually introduces blends, digraphs, three syllable words, phrases, and sentences.


Labeled Rows: Students spin the spinner then read the words in that row. Alternate with pairs or individually.

Letters used for Spinner Games: Pair the letters with the spinner to provide an

independent or pair activity.


Daily Fluency Activities: Students complete a daily activity to apply fluency skills.

Students practice applying phonics and syllable division skills in two contexts:

  • Independently

  • With a friend (pairs)

Students complete activities each week to build fluency including:

  • Spinner Game,

  • Breaking while You Read,

  • Reading Aloud to a Friend,

  • Spell Aloud to a Friend,

  • Recognizing and Coloring Syllable Types, and

  • Reading for Speed (with a timer).


Flashcards: Students cut out flashcards and practice at home, at school, individually, or with peers.


The BTBW series and related products provide scaffolded, research-based instruction on

dividing syllables,

identifying syllable types, &

generalizing the skills to decode words and sentences.

It’s great for small groups, differentiation, & intervention!

This fluency series is the perfect companion to take the

Breaking the Big Words: Syllable Division Series

to the next level of application.

Purchase on Teachers Pay Teachers or

get the paperbacks on Amazon!





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