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BTBW Word Wall Notebook

Updated: Mar 5



This bundle of Word Wall Syllable Division Notebooks is perfect for generalizing and applying skills from the Breaking the Big Words Syllable Division Activity Series.

Students can add words while they read authentic texts, research for a writing piece, study vocabulary, write spelling words, participate in Guided Reading, learn math vocabulary, and complete literacy centers. Add the pages to a binder, reading notebook, journal, or just use them to review syllable types.


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​Set 1 (VC/CV)

Set 2 (V/CV)

Set 3 (VC/V)

Set 4 (V/V)



Gradually introduce new syllable types & patterns!

Each Word Wall page focuses on a single syllable type with visual supports to assist students when solving multisyllabic words in six categories:

  • 2 Syllable Words: CVC (no blends or digraphs),

  • 2 Syllable Words: blends,

  • 2 Syllable Words: digraphs,

  • 3 Syllable Words: CVC

  • 3 Syllable Words: blends & digraphs).

Breaking the Big Words provides scaffolded, research-based instruction on dividing syllables, identifying syllable types, and generalizing the skills to decode words and sentences. It’s perfect for small groups, differentiation, and intervention!

Each set includes strategies for navigating consonant blends and digraphs when dividing syllables. The same anchor words used in the Word Wall Notebook are used as a visual support on each activity sheet to remind students of strategies and the placement of each label. To ensure skill generalization to basic reading, on the same activity sheet students “break” words (slash between syllables) BEFORE reading a word list. They then “break” words WHILE reading sentences. Each activity set of “Breaking the Big Words” employs three levels of scaffolding, embedded differentiation, a strong visual component, developmentally appropriate activities, and an instructional framework (Scope and Sequence).



When introduced with Breaking the Big Words lessons

If introduced in whole group, print a word wall sheet for each student. Students can...

  • Add it to a binder or notebook to add words as they read,

  • Add vocabulary words from weekly lessons

  • Add content words from lessons

  • Use dictionaries to find words and add them while writing.

If introduced in small group, students may...

  • Write in words as they read decodable texts

  • Add focus words for the current phonics or syllable skill. Print a bookmark for each student in the group to use

Following Breaking the Big Words

  • Complete each Word Wall Notebook page as a review of patterns and syllable types after they have been taught.

  • Allow students to reference and add to the Word Wall Notebook throughout the year.

  • Use the Word Wall Notebook as a word bank for journal and other writing.


FEATURES: Cover Page

Cover page with the student's name for identification & ownership of the resource.


FEATURES: Explicit Instruction

Each Word Wall is Labeled with:

Syllable Pattern,

Syllable Type,

Corresponding BTBW Set,

Anchor Visuals.

Clearly labeled Word Wall pages for organization, instruction, and quick reference.


FEATURES: 5 Levels of Complexity

Each Word Walls provides sections for:

2-Syllable Words

  • Basic (No blends or digraphs),

  • Digraphs, and

  • Blends.

3-Syllable Words

  • Basic (No blends or digraphs),

  • Digraphs and Blends.



Syllable Pattern: VC/CV

Syllable Types: All 6



Syllable Pattern: V/CV

Syllable Types: All 6



Syllable Pattern: VC/V

Syllable Types: Op, Cl, ME, VP, BR



Syllable Pattern: V/V

Syllable Types: Op, Cl, ME, VP, BR





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