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School-wide Intervention Schedule

Updated: Mar 5

Are you looking for a highly effective template for planning interventions at your school?

This tool, and others that I will be releasing soon, led to the Department of Education selecting my school as the top model site for intervention in my home state.

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The School Wide Intervention Schedule is an editable resource that provides scheduling guidance for schools and teachers implementing Response to Intervention and/or MTSS. This tool will allow you to organize all of your academic interventions with lists of students in each group, times, teachers leading intervention groups, locations, tiers, content areas, interventions, and progress monitoring tools.


Transparency, Consistency, and Ease-of-Use

By listing all Tier 2 and 3 academic interventions, you will provide transparency for all stakeholders in the school wide intervention program and clear expectations. This user-friendly, one-page format is easily accessible and understandable by teachers, administrators, and intervention team members.


User Guide

The accompanying User Guide provides detailed information on using the tool, explanations of each component of the schedule, and valuable advice and strategies to aid you in scheduling intervention.


Each grade level has...

  • a Grade Level Intervention Schedule

  • a Record of Schedule Adjustments, Meetings, and Parent Communication


Components of each one-page schedule include...

  • Interventionist Led Interventions (Out of Class/In Class; Tier 2/Tier 3)

  • Teacher Led Interventions (Tier 2, In Class)

  • Individualized Interventions (e.g. Great Leaps, Time Delay, etc.)

  • Computer Based Interventions (e.g. Lexia, Moby Max, Reflex Math, etc.


Templates & Completed Examples

This template is an example of a “Session 2” schedule at my school. Kindergarten is not incorporated into the schedule until Session 3 (early November).


Record of Schedule Adjustments, Meetings & Parent Communication for each Grade-Level


For more info on a “Five-Session Intervention Structure”

check out my Data Analysis and Intervention Scheduling Plan.





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