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The Syllable Division Word List to RULE THEM ALL!

After taking my Orton Gillingham training, I struggled to find a well-organized resource for reference when planning and during my lessons. The new product is a realization of years of work to develop a well-organized, user-friendly set of word lists to support in-the-moment instruction and planning. I have used several resources but the organization was clunky and was not aligned to the scaffolding of OG beyond single syllable words.

To solve this problem, Morgan Learning created a quick, user-friendly resources in the Syllable Division Word Lists (by Phonics, Type, & Pattern). This set of word lists is sorted by:

  • phonics complexity (CVC, Digraphs, or Blends)

  • syllable type (open, closed, magic e, vowel pair, bossy r, consonant-le)

  • number of syllables (2 or 3), and

  • syllable pattern (VC/CV, V/CV, VC/V, V/V).

Features of the Resource

  • Each word list provides: list number, syllable type(s), focus syllable pattern, number of syllables, and links to aligned resources.

  • Links to Word Lists for quick navigation: Provides a quick way for teachers to jump directly to the syllable type, pattern, or phonics skill that is the focus of their lesson. Click the links to jump to any list.

Find all four sets of Flashcards at


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