This is the SECOND VOLUME and BLUE BUNDLE of the “Breaking the Big Words” Syllabication Activity Series. This bundle contains the second six activity sets (Sets 8 through 13) of “Breaking the Big Words.” This activity series provides scaffolded, research-based instruction on dividing syllables, identifying syllable types, and generalizing the skills to decode words and sentences. Perfect for small groups, differentiation, and intervention!


The Activity Sets focus specifically on a single syllable pattern and one or more syllable types. This, the second and BLUE Bundle, introduces the V/CV syllable pattern with each syllable type (closed, open, silent-e, r-controlled, vowel pairs, and consonant-le) and included VC/CV syllable patterns. Each activity set introduces a new syllable type and includes all previously taught types. For example, set ten introduces magic e syllables while including open and closed syllables. Each activity set includes strategies for navigating consonant blends and digraphs when dividing syllables. Anchor words are used as a visual support on each activity sheet to remind students of strategies and the placement of each label. Anchor word posters are included for classroom display to reference while reading unfamiliar words that may adhere to the syllable pattern.


To ensure skill generalization to basic reading, on the same activity sheet, students break words (slash between syllables) BEFORE reading a word list then break WHILE reading sentences. Sight words are controlled in the series and consist primarily of PrePrimer and Primer Dolch words.  Each Activity Set of “Breaking the Big Words” employs three levels of scaffolding, embedded differentiation, a strong visual component, developmentally appropriate activities, and an instructional framework (Scope and Sequence). 

Volume 2 - Breaking the Big Words: Syllable Division Sets 8-13 (V/CV)


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