The SOS to Encode! Program uses the Simultaneous Oral Spelling strategy. The program utilizes Placement tests to determine theexact instruction needed for students and groups, Three levels of intensity and rates of instruction, Ongoing formative assessments to monitor progress, Multisensory phonics and encoding techniques, Developmentally scaffolded lessons, Instructional framework (Scope and Sequence) and a consistent lesson structure.


This program introduces The “COPS” self-monitoring strategy, Decoding strategies, Encoding strategies (e.g. Finger tapping phonemes, Spelling Aloud, Simultaneous Oral Spelling, etc.).


By the end of Part 1 of SOS to Encode!, students will be able to encode, decode, and spell CVC words, closed syllables containing consonant digraphs, Check writing for correct sentence mechanics following independent writing, and Self-regulate mechanics during authentic writing experiences.

S0S to Encode! Part 1: A Multi-Sensory Reading, Spelling, & Writing Program


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