The School Wide Intervention Database is, by far, the most valuable tool that I use as an intervention coach and lead in my school. I developed the workbook five years ago and have been updating and improving it each year. This tool and the procedures that accompany it in this manual led to my intervention program being listed as the: Top Model Site for Intervention in Kentucky. I use this spreadsheet every day and hope it will become as powerful a tool for you as it has for me. This has the most popular and effective component of my program for schools and district with which I consult. The Database includes a 15-page User Guide with images to help you get started!


3 Reports are included and AUTOMATICALLY populate as you enter student data:

1. Services Count Report: Calculates, graphs, and summarizes all interventions, assessments, and exits over the entire year.

2. Achievement Report: Calculates, graphs, and summarizes number and percentage of students meeting expected scores on screeners, number below, and number tested.

3. Student Report: This report for a single student contains a search engine to automatically populate homeroom, program participation, achievement scores, and interventions (timeline).


This product will allow you to:

· Store and analyze all screening data for each student and grade level

· Flag students with IEP, 504, EL, and other services

· Flag students receiving reading, math, and behavior services

· Record all changes in interventions through the year

· Print and share reports for individual students

· Analyze School and Grade-wide Intervention Data (Progress Monitoring)

· Analyze School and Grade-wide Assessment Data (Screenings)

Student Intervention Database with 3 Automatic Reports


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