Teacher Created Math Resources

On this page, I share math resources that I have created myself. 



Multiplication Visual Supports: Area Models

I also cut this one in half and have student color in with markers to show area models as another way of presenting multiplication expressions.

Multiplication Visual Supports: Dot Arrays

I cut this in half and laminate the halves to use in my small groups or in whole group.  Students can use dry erase markers to represent arrays in different ways.


Multiplication / Division Daily Drill with Rhymes

I cut this one in half and laminated it.  At the beginning of each lesson we would say the rhymes with the visuals and include movement (reaching out and grabbing to get more and karate chopping to divide). 


Math Recovery Activity: 5+ Memory Game NUMBER HANDS AND NUMERALS

Simple Memory Game. Be sure to have students state the problem as they solve and explain how they solved it. 


Number Sense